Monday, July 28, 2008

Should You Get Bulldog Puppies?

Everyone has heard about the Bulldog. The Bulldog has been seen as a favorite of humans for hundreds of years. Back in history the British originally used the Bulldog as a fighting dog that would protect their livestock. When bullfighting was popular the breed became a favorite because of its strong bite. A large head, and a strong and square build that gives it the solid and muscular appearance characterize the Bulldog. Their face sports a short and square muzzle with a strong and undershot jaw to help them get their strong bite.

However, English Bulldog puppies are actually gentle towards their owners despite their ferocious look and dominant personality. There are a few aspects of this breed that you should consider before deciding if English Bulldog puppies are right for you and your household. Since everyone is different and every dog is different it is important that you choose a breed and dog that matches what you are looking for.
English Bulldog puppies have a very patient and tolerant attitude, which makes them excellent with children. In fact the Bulldog has become one of the best breeds for people with children over the years. Often the breed will play with children and does not get easily irritated or complain should the child accidentally hurt them.

Although the opposite is true when it comes to strangers and other dogs, this is when the Bulldog is both tenacious and dominant. If English Bulldog puppies want something they will pursue it persistently and aggressively. This dominant trait is always displayed even if the Bulldog is in the territory or presence of another dog. This means dog fights can happen if you don't maintain full control of English Bulldog puppies. Therefore, those who want a guard dog should probably get a Bulldog. They will definitely scare off intruders with their ferocious look and aggressive attitude. Although they aren't for those who want a dog that will warn them since they usually don't bark or give a warning before attacking.
The tolerant behavior of English Bulldog puppies also has some disadvantages. Because of this behavior you will have to be very perceptive to your dogs feelings otherwise they can become very sick before you have a chance to treat the condition. English Bulldog puppies don't easily express themselves whether they are injured, feeling ill, thirsty, hungry or simply cold and often won't let you know something is wrong. You will also have a difficult time restraining your dog if you don't properly train them from an early age because of this behavior You should also be aware that English Bulldog puppies have a very high sense of the right and wrong and will sulk for days if they believe they are being unjustly punished. Without energy and patience you will have a hard time dealing with headstrong English Bulldog puppies. So if this doesn't seem right for you then you might want to consider a breed that is more placid and less dominant. However, remember that these are general temperaments, all dogs are different and you might still be able to find the perfect Bulldog for you.

It is important that you make sure your household is the perfect fit for Bulldog puppies. After you know the breed is right for you then you can change your attention to how to choose the right Bulldog puppy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Naming Bulldog Puppies

With enough research, you can understand from Bulldog information what sort of personality that your Bulldog puppy will have as a puppy and as it matures. You can use this Bulldog information to choose a suitable name for your Bulldog puppy. Even though all Bulldog puppies are frisky, your Bulldog may grow into a serious or happy-go-lucky adult dog. You will want to choose a good name that can easily reflect your Bulldog’s personality. The best name will be a name that you can feel comfortable using anywhere that you go.

Your Bulldog puppy will grow into a fine companion to yourself and your family members. You should honor this relationship by choosing a name that suits your Bulldog as a member of the family. You can choose a personal name that can be used by family and friends. This name can be different from the pedigree name, which usually has one or more names in it.
According to Bulldog information, Bulldog puppies grow into intelligent adults. Knowing that the Bulldog is intelligent does not make it easier for young Bulldog puppies to learn their name right away. You will have to help your Bulldog puppy learn its name by following a few tips when choosing a name.

Bulldog puppies learn what is meant by spoken words by the tone in which the words are spoken. The tone that you use to speak to your Bulldog puppy may change according to the situation. When you say your Bulldog puppy’s name, over time and in different situations, your tone used will change and it is important that your dog knows its name no matter what tone you are using when you say the Bulldog puppy’s name.
Your Bulldog puppy will have to be able to hear its name and separate it from the other noises around it in order to respond to its name. You can make it easier for your Bulldog puppy to hear and understand its name by choosing a short name that is not longer than two syllables.
Bulldog information makes it clear that you should not give Bulldog puppies a name that rhymes or is similar with any command that you give to your dog. You should also avoid a name that rhymes or is similar to another name that is used in the household. If you use a name that too closely resembles someone else’s name, the dog can get confused about it.

The hard consonants, D, K and T are sounds that are easy to distinguish from a distance. These hard sounds in the Bulldog’s name will also draw your dog’s attention to you when you need to get your dog’s attention. Examples of short feminine names for Bulldog puppies include Dotty, Dora, Cara, Coco, Tammy and Trina. Short masculine names that are suitable include Duke, Davy, King, Kevin, Timmy and Tony.

You can use the Bulldog’s appearance for inspiration for a name. Consider Bulldog puppy names that are based on your dog’s color or size. When you have chosen a name that takes into consideration the personality of your Bulldog, you will happy with the name for your Bulldog puppy.

Bulldog puppies have pleased dog owners and are a favorite dog for many people. You can pick the right Bulldog puppy name with the Bulldog information that is provided in this article.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bulldog Puppies: English French And American

The history of the American Bulldog begins with the Old English Bulldog in Britain. Bulldogs were used to bait bulls and in other violent dog fighting competitions. When Britain passed its Cruelty to Animals Act in the 1800s, Bulldogs lost their usefulness and popularity. European breeders thought to breed the Bulldog with the Pug and created a smaller, compact Bulldog that became popular family pet. The French and English versions of the Bulldog are much loved and are often winners of American Kennel Club championships.

Some Europeans brought original Bulldogs with them when they immigrated to America. An American, John D. Johnson, developed an interest in this larger Bulldog and bred what is now known as the American Bulldog. American Bulldog puppies are more similar to Old English Bulldogs though they are no longer bred or trained to be aggressive fighters as were original Bulldogs. American Bulldogs have not been registered with the American Kennel Club but were registered with the United Kennel Club in 1999. American Bulldogs have grown in popularity due to their similarity to cousin, the American Pit Bull Terrier.

American Bulldog puppies should only be purchased from legitimate, certified American Bulldog breeders. A great deal of research should go into choosing a breeder. Because of the use of these dogs as fighters and aggressors in the past, no American Bulldog should be bought if it has an undocumented bloodline. American Bulldog puppies are viewed by many as replacements for American Pit Bull puppies, because the breed is now banned in many countries.

Buyers must realize that there are many illegitimate breeders trying to cash in on the breed's rising popularity. Questionable methods are used by many breeders to sell uncertified dogs that may have health or behavioral issues. Buyers should ask for references from breeders and should have thorough knowledge of the American Bulldog breed so that they know what to look for in puppies and what questions to ask the breeder. Puppies should never be purchased from pet stores, as good breeders would not allow this breed to be sold to inexperienced buyers.

Along with asking for references and tips on care and grooming, buyers of American Bulldog puppies should ask breeders what Bulldog puppy supplies are needed prior to bringing puppies home. It is important that dog owners have their homes set up for new additions so that puppies can feel comfortable and secure in their new environment. Good breeders may even provide a list of puppy supplies and may recommend brands of food, certain grooming products, training manuals and special chew toys to help discipline and occupy bulldog puppies.

Good American Bulldog breeders will ask buyers questions about their knowledge of the breed to make sure puppies are going to a home that meets their needs. They will provide documentation of puppies' medical records and make sure buyers have a veterinarian to provide follow up medical care. They will also help buyers set up a schedule for puppies and answer questions about general care, discipline and grooming.

Buyers should research the breed and breeders thoroughly before purchasing purebred American Bulldog puppies. Steps to take to find American Bulldog puppies and Bulldog puppy supplies are included in this article.

Monday, June 23, 2008

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale: Molloser Breed

There may be many different reasons why you could be seeking out places that offer English Bulldog puppies for sale including just needing to own a pet. Choosing a Bulldog is easy because they make for very good companionship and also because they will obey your every command. Or, you may even want a show dog or just a combination of these reasons. Regardless of why you wish to acquire Bulldog puppies, it will still be your responsibility to bring up and provide proper Bulldog puppy care for your Bulldog puppies so that they are able to achieve their fullest potential.

Remember also that Bulldogs can easily be obtained from a good breeder that has clean and well-kept kennels and who can impress you with his qualifications as a breeder of quality Bulldog puppies. You need to also ascertain whether the breeder is not just a commercial breeder who is breeding only to make money, and if so, you can safely avoid them. It would be far better for you to choose a breeder that has genuine interest in Bulldogs, and a good place where you can locate them is at Championship shows where you can find their names, addresses, and contact numbers in their catalogue.
The first step in finding the proper English Bulldog puppies for sale is to be sure that you are capable of raising the Bulldog puppies and to not buy them on an impulse from a local pet store or from backyard breeders. This is important because, unfortunately today, there are many hundreds of abandoned Bulldogs despite the fact that Bulldogs are excellent companion dogs and are also very energetic, independent, obedient, active as well as affectionate, quiet, protective and funny as well as sociable.

Having decided that Bulldog puppies are right for you, and then you need to locate a reputable breeder from whom to obtain quality puppies. No doubt, you will end up investing slightly more money as well as time by going to a reputable breeder, but in the end you will not regret it because you can be assured of obtaining suitable Bulldog puppies from these sources. In fact, you will also need to answer some questions regarding yourself as well as your family before the breeder will let you buy your Bulldog puppies.
After taking everything into account, you will find that those who are offering English Bulldog puppies for sale have their own methods of breeding these dogs and so, to be on the safe side, you should try only reputable breeders because they will be the ones that follow best breeding standards and who also will enforce the proper ethics while also ensuring that the Bulldog puppies are given proper veterinary care, whenever required. Obviously, there would be nothing worse than having to abandon or give away your newly acquired Bulldog puppies because they fell short on account of health and other desirable characteristics.

You can also be sure that since breeding Bulldogs is a costly affair and profit margins are low, not many people will go in for Bulldog breeding just for the kick of it, though at the same time you need to be wary of puppy mills and pet stores as well as backyard breeders who may breed these excellent animals just to make a profit out of their breeding efforts. A breeder or source that can document the puppy’s vaccinations and who can show that the Bulldog puppies possess good temperament and health should be given preference over the others.

English Bulldog puppies are readily available though only a few sources are recommended because many who breed indiscriminately. If you would like to learn about proper Bulldog puppy care then you can go through this article that provides some insights into how to obtain your Bulldog puppies and get the best deal in the bargain.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The English Bulldog Breeder

Any Bulldog breeder can tell you about the charming personality of the sturdy, compact English Bulldog. The term Bulldog usually refers to the English version though there are also French and American Bulldog breeds. The English Bulldog is distinguishable by its short, stocky frame, its waddle, its wrinkled face and pug nose, and by its under-bite. English Bulldogs are also renowned for physical and personality traits such as drooling, snoring (loudly), gassiness, attention-getting behavior, and sense of humor.

Though not a dog for everyone, fans of the English Bulldog love these dogs for life. The Bulldog is a tenacious, strong-willed breed and is often used as a mascot by many colleges and the military. The Bulldog is the official mascot of England and, though other versions of the Bulldog exist, is viewed as a traditional English symbol. English and French Bulldogs are the result of a mixture of Mastiff and Pug. American Bulldogs more closely resemble Old English Bulldogs, which were taller and faster than the European versions of today.

Bulldog breeders are knowledgeable about all three varieties of Bulldog. Every good Bulldog breeder can relate the history, temperament, behavioral issues, social needs and common genetic disorders of the various Bulldog breeds. French and English Bulldogs have similar issues due to their small size. Both are prone to breathing problems including a reverse sneeze in which moisture becomes trapped in the windpipe. These small Bulldogs can have skin allergies, eye disorders and a tendency to become obese. Bulldog females often need assistance giving birth and may require caesarian sections to deliver puppies. American Bulldogs are much larger in size but need to be screened for genetic disorders common to Bulldogs and medium to large sized dogs.

Potential Bulldog buyers should research the breed thoroughly before finding a breeder. Bulldogs require high maintenance and are not for inexperienced dog owners. Buyers should also thoroughly research Bulldog breeders and make sure they choose a breeder that has continued to breed out the aggression once bred into the Bulldog.
A good Bulldog breeder will not sell puppies to pet stores. It is important that dog buyers purchase Bulldogs from certified, loving breeders who maintain their own kennels. Puppy brokers, backyard breeders and pet stores buy and sell puppies like any other merchandise with no guarantee on puppy health or lineage. An alternative to buying direct from a breeder is buying from a breed-specific rescue center. Rescue dogs are often saved from lives in puppy mills, puppy auctions and pet stores. These dogs may have been neglected, abandoned, and abused and will be grateful to be rescued by a loving owner. Like any pure breed, rescue dogs need an experienced owner who knows how to socialize, positively reinforce and care for them.

Bulldog buyers have a responsibility to research both breed and breeder before buying a purebred Bulldog. It is important not to continue the cycle of puppy mill breeding. Buyers should report any breeder they suspect of mistreating animals. A good Bulldog breeder will do the same and will encourage buyers to look into rescued Bulldogs.

An ethical Bulldog breeder would never broker Bulldogs or sell Bulldog puppies to pet stores. Finding Bulldog information about breeders that do not sell to pet stores is the subject of this article.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

French Bulldog Information

Bulldog breeders operate worldwide to propagate various Bulldog breeds such as the American, English and French Bulldogs. Bulldogs originated in England and were originally used to bait bulls. Bulldogs were bred to be aggressive and were often used in dogfights. When Britain passed the Cruelty to Animals Act in 1849, Bulldogs could no longer be used for bull baiting or dog fighting. The original Bulldog, the Old English Bulldog, became extinct, but not before lovers of the breed in England and America bred remaining the Bulldogs with other breeds to create new types of Bulldogs.

The English Bulldog resulted from mixing the Bulldog with the Pug. Smaller, toy English Bulldogs were not as popular and were subsequently exported to France. French prostitutes in particular loved the adorable toy English Bulldog and the dog's popularity spread throughout France. French Bulldog breeders created a sensation by renaming the small, bat-eared Bulldog the French Bulldog, or Frenchie. European immigrants brought Bulldogs with them to America and helped continue to breed in its original form. An American dog breeder, John D. Johnson, bred American Bulldogs, which retain the size and features of the Old English Bulldog.
French Bulldogs are toy versions of the English variety. The two breeds have similar health, behavioral, and social issues. The American Bulldog is much larger but has many of the same predispositions as the smaller English and French Bulldogs. Bulldogs have short muzzles. This makes it difficult for them to breathe. English and French Bulldogs are prone to a reverse sneeze in which moisture becomes trapped in the airway. This can look and sound uncomfortable for both dog and owner. Small Bulldogs cannot regulate their own body temperature and thus should not be left outdoors. They overheat easily and can have heatstroke. Bulldogs may also have skin conditions and eye disorders. Because English and French Bulldogs are indoor pets, they may become obese if not kept active. Female Bulldogs often must deliver puppies by caesarian section due to puppy heads being too big to pass through the birth canal. American, English and French Bulldog breeders can educate potential dog owners about Bulldog health, temperament, and care.
Knowing how to recognize and avoid bad Bulldog breeders is paramount when buying a purebred Bulldog puppy. The following is a list of qualities to look for in good French Bulldog breeders. The lack of one or more of the following is a sign of a bad breeder and is true for any dog breed. Signs of an ethical, legitimate breeder include:
-Breeder maintains his/her own kennel
-Puppies have "house privileges" and have been properly socialized.
-Puppies and parents have received medical screening for common genetic disorders.
-Breeder willingly provides medical and immunization records.
-French Bulldogs with known medical or behavioral problems are not bred.
-Breeder does not sell or broker to pet stores.
-Breeder provides warranty/guarantee of good health.
-Breeder runs or is affiliated with a breed-specific rescue center.
-Breeder interviews buyers thoroughly.
-Breeder only has own litter available at a time.
-Breeder welcomes updates on dog's health and well-being.
Breeder without these characteristics should be avoided to ensure that you are not doing business with a puppy mill or mass breeder.

Buyers should research French Bulldog breeders thoroughly before purchase. How to avoid bad French Bulldog breeders and general Bulldog information is provided in this article.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finding The Right Bulldog breeder

The right Bulldog information will lead you to the Bulldog puppy that is well-bred and healthy from quality Bulldog breeders. It is important that you find a puppy that is healthy and socialized with people and even other animals. You can find an excellent Bulldog puppy with a titled lineage if you put your mind to the task. You will have to find Bulldog information about each American Bulldog breeder and create a list of potential Bulldog breeders.

You want to avoid any unfortunate puppy from a puppy mill because the inmates at puppy mills are often raised in unhealthy conditions. Not allowed to run around freely to find out about their world, the puppies are not socialized and can be sick when you bring the puppy home. In a puppy mill a dam that has had too many litters may start producing pups that are undersized. It is up to you to conduct careful research and observation in order to get the right puppy.
Bulldog information that includes your list of possible Bulldog breeders can be created from the resources around you. Veterinarians are excellent sources of information about American Bulldog breeders. The American Bulldog breeder's registry will be another great source for Bulldog breeders from whom you may purchase a puppy. Contact previous customers for their opinion about the breeder and the quality of the puppy's health and social training that the customer purchased from the Bulldog breeder. The opinions of owners of past litters are the best and most important information about a breeder that you can get. If a breeder will not give you or doesn't have a list of puppy owner references, it is probably a bad sign.

The next question that you want to answer concerns the extent to which a Bulldog breeder devotes to excellence in the Bulldog breed. Does the breeder belong to any clubs, associations or does the breeder have any dogs with titles or in competition. A new American Bulldog breeder with the right credentials and dogs should not be overlooked.
When you have enough Bulldog information and have a short list, you are ready to visit the breeders. You will have to be prepared with what to look for before you get there. When you are at the home of an American Bulldog breeder, your goal is to find out whether the puppy is being raised in a good home environment and that it will be ready to fit in at your home.

You must watch the puppy, the mother and the owner for signs of a relaxed and loving relationship. If the puppy is ill at ease with the Bulldog breeder, it may not be getting enough socialization with humans. Watch for friendly and loving eye contact from the puppy to the Bulldog breeder. The American Bulldog puppy should be comfortable and its mother should be happy and not overly confined. The mother and the puppy should be socialized in the home environment because that is where the Bulldog is most comfortable and happy as it grows up.
The Bulldog information that you have collected on the breeders combined with the visit to the puppies and their mother should tell you whether the puppies are of the quality that you desire in a American Bulldog puppy.

The right Bulldog breeders will provide you with a healthy and well-socialized puppy. This article supplies some basic Bulldog information.

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